Net Zero Solar Thermal Heating Solution

US manufacturer of Modular Parabolic Trough Concentrating Solar Collectors

Learn How You Can Eliminate Your Farming Hot Water Bill!

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*Cost-effective solution

*Significant reduction in hot water bills

*Achieves up to 92% efficiency

*Independence from the grid

*Modular design for scalability

*Modular design for scalability

*Operable via remote control

*Low overall ownership costs

*Autonomous operation off-grid

*Emission-free energy production

*Continuous functionality

*Resilience against weather conditions

*Self-sustaining system

*Longevity of over 20 years

*Sustainable energy generation

*Efficient utilization of solar energy

*Reliable hot water supply

*Enhanced environmental sustainability


While energy costs represent a significant percentage of total business expenses, the majority of the industries still rely on fossil fuels and electricity, with their costs constantly rising over the last decade. By adopting our technology, you can increase the energy efficiency and sustainability of your company, reduce operational expenses and reliance on fossil fuels and the grid, reduce environmental impact, and decrease the number of chemicals used for cleaning and sanitization.

What we offer to the market

Backed By USDA for the R&D Phase

We provide value to many industries.
Commercial Application

Over 1 Million Invested to get this product to market.