Concentrating Solar Collector Manufacturer launching in US

Parabolic Trough Concentrating Solar Collector

Concentrating solar-thermal system

with Thermal Energy Storage (TES)




*Up to 92% efficiency

*Can cover up to 100% of the heat and hot water needs

*Scalable, modular

*PAYBACK – 2.5-5 years


*Low total cost of ownership

*Low maintenance

*Off-Grid, autonomous


*Continuous operation

*Weather independence


*LIFESPAN – 20+ years


While energy costs represent a significant percentage of total business expenses, the majority of the industries still rely on fossil fuels and electricity, with their costs constantly rising over the last decade. By adopting our technology, you can increase the energy efficiency and sustainability of your company, reduce operational expenses and reliance on fossil fuels and the grid, reduce environmental impact, and decrease the number of chemicals used for cleaning and sanitization.