Solar Heating Technology

Unlike some other solar technologies, our system provides direct-from-solar thermal energy without conversion. This allows for up to 92% efficiency and can supply up to 100% of the heat and hot water needs.  It is a freestanding system that does not add extra load to the existing structures. Our technology is considered a stand-alone solution but can be integrated into any current heating system as a primary source of thermal energy or a backup. Self-sustaining control components allow the system to operate autonomously and off-grid. Integrated thermal energy storage secures continuous operation and weather independence. Scalability and modular design allow for easy customization to better suit each customer’s needs. If desired, this technology can be made mobile by being mounted on a trailer.

SunCatch develops scalable Concentrated Solar-Thermal technology for various applications that has a low total cost of ownership, low maintenance requirements, and a long lifespan.


  • Payback Period 2.5 – 5 Years
  • Efficiency up to 92%
  • 100% Renewable

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