About Us

Our team consists of people with many years of combined experience and expertise in establishing businesses; inventing, engineering, and manufacturing machinery and mechanical devices; installation engineering; software engineering; green sustainable energy and environmental management.

Olga – owner and the President of SunCatch Ltd. She has many years of expertise in establishing and managing businesses included an engineering firm “Dal Engineering”. She is a very energetic leader and mastermind of our team and always inspiring us to the next step over any barriers. Her executive talents allow other team members to concentrate on the core technical scopes without spreading attention to the administrative tasks. Olga recently completed Tech Venture Accelerator for Women conducted by Colorado Small Business Development Center.


Sergey – Vice President/Chief engineer. Sergey has a degree in mechanical engineering. He has significant experience in engineering design, design for manufacturability, solving engineering problems, and developing technological solutions. He engineered our solar-thermal system and implemented several in-house inventions and innovations to make it scalable, efficient, easy-to-manufacture and install technology with a low total cost of ownership.

In many cases, Sergey had to deal with the special orders that required to go the path from a concept to the final commercial-grade product. He inspired a large amount of innovations, coming up with technologies that were effective and inexpensive to produce.


Anton – IoT systems engineer, Cloud Solutions Architect with extensive experience in software engineering. 10+ years working in various technology development and integration roles. Currently focusing on building cloud-based infrastructure to support large scale deployments of connected consumer electronics products (IoT). In the past, he took part in various enterprise software development initiatives.


Daniel – Installation Engineer with broad knowledge and experience in installing and assembling technical structures of varying complexity. Daniel also has expertise in green sustainable energy and environmental management.


We are a team of passionate problem-solvers, coming from resource-constrained origins. Our appreciation to self-sustainability naturally evolved in an environment where off-the-shelf solutions simply didn’t exist as an option. Being self-sustainable is challenging, but the benefits are life-changing and in some cases lifesaving. This experience is our fundamental drive that brings us together to collaborate on a technology that can deliver degree of self-sustainability to the general public.