The conventional methods of desalination require a substantial amount of energy to operate, wastes water, and have a considerable impact on the environment.
The growing demand for desalination to increase water supply coupled with concerns about the environmental impacts has induced substantial interest in developing desalination systems that are powered by renewable energy.
In response to this demand, our team created two environmentally friendly solutions:


1. Solar-Thermal Desalination Sistem with Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) unit

We aimed to create a highly efficient system with minimal capital and operating costs, that does not require complicated maintenance and can work continuously.

In the proposed configuration, our system can be applied in the Oil & Gas and mining industries as well as the agricultural sector. With its modular design, our technology is easy to configure to the requirements of any end-users, scalable and has broad geographic applicability. Complete with PV panels, it can be fully autonomous and suitable for use in remote and rural areas where access to electricity can be limited.

Our modular low-temperature solar thermal desalination system with zero liquid discharge unit is designed to robust across a variety of feedwater types, including high-salt produced water, makes brine management more economical and lessens the environmental impact.
A simple design and automated state-of-the-art, user-friendly control technology make our system easy-to-use without requiring extensive operator training. Straightforward operation reduces the need for labor and maintenance and provides maximum uptime at less cost compared to conventional technologies such as reverse osmosis (RO), multi-stage flash (MSF), etc.
Unique, in-house design and construction of the broad-focus solar-thermal modules allow us to reach high efficiency and supply MEP evaporator and ZLD unit with thermal energy at a very low cost.
The combination of the components and innovations applied in our solution ensures low capital and operating costs, including minimal to zero conventional energy consumption.
Our ZLD unit produces zero liquid discharge in the form of dry/crystallized solids that can be easily recycled and reused while providing effective brine management in accordance with the environmental regulations.
By utilizing renewable energy sources for thermal desalination processes, we are significantly minimizing the environmental impact comparing to existing technologies while advancing desalination and brine management, making it more reliable and sustainable.


2. Solar-thermal Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system


Many industries, such as Oil, Gas, and Mining benefits from a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) approach to their wastewater treatment. Raw wastewater could be acidic and extremely saline, and often contains a large amount of sediment. The existing ZLD solutions are either energy-intensive and require high-grade electric energy or space-intensive and have high capital costs. Pre-treatment required, and in some cases, environmental concerns arise.
To help eliminate the high costs of wastewater disposal and lower impact on the environment, SunCatch Ltd created the novel concept of the Solar-thermal Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) system. Our ZLD technology utilizes renewable solar thermal energy to evaporate liquids from the discharge and receive solid substances that could be suitable for secondary use.


Our Solar thermal desalination/treatment modular systems are environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions, customizable to a variety of water sources and customer requirements.